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All materials on this website are available for free of charge and may be used to spread God’s truth and Scripture. In all our analyses we use the Bible as the final standard of truth in order to defend and promote Christianity. The Bible is the Word of God, and its original manuscripts are free from errors and contradictions. Jesus is the Son of God, and the only path to eternal life.

Daniel Prophecy Umar Islam Caliph Is Fulfilled

DANIEL PROPHECY UMAR ISLAM CALIPH IS FULFILLED Daniel Prophecy Umar Islam caliph Is fulfilled today. Daniel prophecy was about Umar the Islamic caliph and Umar was also one of the Revelation Four Horsemen. Umar was the rider on the black horse and carried a pair of scales. Umar defeated three kings, invaded Israel, and changed taxes, [...]

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Olivet Discourse Israel Holocaust Jesus Prophecy

OLIVET DISCOURSE ISRAEL HOLOCAUST TIME OF TROUBLE FOR JACOB IS FULFILLED TODAY Olivet discourse Israel Holocaust trouble for Jacob is fulfilled today. When Jesus was on the Mount of Olives, shortly before his crucifixion and resurrection in 33 AD, he spoke about the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, and also the tribulation, the last [...]

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Revelation Mark Image Prophecy of the Beast is Fulfilled

REVELATION MARK AND IMAGE PROPHECY GIVEN BY JESUS IS FULFILLED TODAY The Stern Warning from Jesus in Revelation Prophecy--Avoid the Islamic Mark and Islamic Image of Worship to a False God  Lesson 10 Revelation Mark and Image Prophecy given by Jesus was fulfilled with the Islamic Shahada and the Kaaba Blackstone in Mecca. The Bible strongly [...]

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Four Horsemen Revelation Apocalypse is Fulfilled

FOUR HORSEMEN REVELATION APOCALYPSE IS FULFILLED BY ISLAM Four Horsemen Revelation apocalypse prophecy given by Jesus is exactly fulfilled by the first four Islamic leaders. These were Mohammad on the white horse, Abu Bakr on the red horse, Umar on the black horse, and Uthman on the pale green horse. Lesson 11 In Revelation Chapter 6, Jesus [...]

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Jesus Warning Mohammad False Prophet Is Fulfilled

JESUS WARNING MOHAMMAD IS THE FALSE PROPHET OF REVELATION IS FULFILLED Jesus gave a warning about Mohammad the False Prophet in the Book of Revelation, and the words of Jesus are fulfilled. Nearly 600 years after Jesus said this Mohammad fulfilled all of the warnings from Jesus. If you are Muslim, we want you to know the [...]

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Jesus Warning Revelation Beast Prophecy Is Fulfilled

JESUS WARNING REVELATION BEAST IS FULFILLED IN MECCA Baal the beast dwells in the Kaaba Blackstone--this is the Jesus warning about the Revelation beast.   Lesson 13 Jesus warning Revelation beast prophecy is fulfilled in Mecca as Baal dwells in the Kaaba Blackstone. The demon from Babylon called Bel or Baal dwells in the Kaaba today. The [...]

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Jesus Warns Us to Flee Islam’s Great City Mecca

JESUS WARNS FLEE MECCA Jesus Warns Everyone to Flee from Mecca-the City Riding the Islamic Beast of Revelation Lesson 16 In the Bible, Jesus warns us that a great city will attract people from all nations to worship a false god.  Jesus also describes the great city as being like a prostitute woman.  Jesus says [...]

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Jesus Revelation Warns Mecca Destroyed

JESUS REVELATION WARNS MECCA JESUS WARNED OF A HARLOT WOMAN-A “GREAT CITY” THAT RIDES THE BEAST THE “GREAT CITY” WILL BE DESTROYED IN ONE HOUR Jesus Revelation warns Mecca. The Book of Revelation uses the image of a harlot woman to illustrate a great city that blasphemes the true God. Where is this “great city”? The [...]

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Beast Given Satan Throne in Kaaba

THE BIBLE SAYS SATAN GAVE HIS THRONE TO THE BEAST; IT HAPPENED WHEN ISLAMIC PRAYER WAS TRANSFERRED TO BAAL IN THE KAABA The Bible says the beast was given Satan throne. The Satan throne transfer happened when the Islamic prayer direction was changed by Allah from Jerusalem to Baal in the Kaaba. New Video of Satan’s [...]

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Apocalypse Horsemen Islam Prophecy in the Bible

Four Horsemen Revelation Prophecy Completely Fulfilled Apocalypse horsemen Islam prophecy is in the Bible.  It is Revelation chapter six.  Their colors of white, red, black and pale green are the universal colors of Islam.  All this has come to pass.  exactly as Jesus told us! Learn the truth of Jesus in the Bible.  There is no [...]

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