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All materials on this website are available for free of charge and may be used to spread God’s truth and Scripture. In all our analyses we use the Bible as the final standard of truth in order to defend and promote Christianity. The Bible is the Word of God, and its original manuscripts are free from errors and contradictions. Jesus is the Son of God, and the only path to eternal life.


MYSTERY BABYLON PROPHECY FULFILLED WHEN ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI WAS KILLED THIS WEEK ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI WAS NAMED AFTER ONE OF THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF REVELATION Mystery Babylon prophecy fulfilled when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed this week.  The words of Jesus are always true.  Prophecy has been fulfilled.  The Book of Revelation explains "Mystery Babylon" as [...]

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THE NATIONS IN ANGUISH OVER THE TOSSING WAVES FROM JESUS CLIMATE CHANGE PROPHECY IS FULFILLED While in the desert high above sea level some 2,000 years ago, we were given a Jesus climate change prophecy.  The Jesus climate change prophecy informed us roaring waves and tossing seas from climate change would give the nations anguish and [...]

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You can believe that only Jesus gives salvation is truth.  “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  God loved us while we were still sinners.  What a comfort.  Tell all your friends! There is good news—there is a path back to God, but only Jesus gives salvation!  There is truth!  That Jesus gives salvation [...]

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Jesus Miracle Resurrection Science Medical Proof

JESUS RAISED FOUR BODIES BACK TO LIFE! Modern Medical Science Proves These Are Miracles Jesus performed many miracles, but none was greater than bringing a dead body back to life. Jesus said to the dead body of Lazarus: “Lazarus come forth.” With that simple command Jesus delivered a fantastic miracle in which he repaired and instantly [...]

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Jesus Gospel Muslims Heaven Revelation Truth

JESUS GOSPEL MUSLIMS HEAVEN TRUTH IS THAT ONLY THE SACRIFICE OF JESUS ALLOWS ANYONE TO ENTER HEAVEN ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. Allah or Jesus; who is the True God?  If you are a Muslim or have a Muslim friend, please watch this message. The Dead Sea Scroll Isaiah text allows a Muslim to read the [...]

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Biblical Prophecy Islam Warning from Jesus

BIBLICAL PROPHECY ISLAM WARNING FROM JESUS IS NOW FULFILLED Biblical prophecy Islam warning from Jesus is now complete.  The "great city" of Revelation is Mecca. In the Book of Revelation Jesus gave detailed warnings about the coming of Islam. This video explains how much of Revelation prophecy is to warn us about Islam. It explains the [...]

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Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled Today Is a Sure Sign

BIBLICAL PROPHECY FULFILLED TODAY IS A SURE SIGN JESUS IS RETURNING SOON Biblical prophecy fulfilled today, especially since 1948 and 1967, means we are living in the last days.  Much Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled since 1948. This means Jesus is returning sooner than most understand.  Now is the time to accept Jesus as the Lord [...]

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Revelation Prophecy Islam Woes is Fulfilled

REVELATION PROPHECY ISLAM WOES IS FULFILLED TODAY Revelation Prophecy Islam Woes is fulfilled today.  Listen to the words of Jesus.  He is returning soon. You can trust the Bible.  Lesson 4   God news!  Jesus wants all people to be saved.  But we can only be saved if we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Muslims [...]

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Revelation Two Witnesses Prophecy Is Fulfilled

REVELATION TWO WITNESSES PROPHECY FULFILLED Revelation Two Witnesses Prophecy was fulfilled with Operation Ezra and Nehemiah.  Operation Ezra Nehemiah saved one million Jews that were trapped in Islamic countries after Israel was reborn in 1948. Liberating Jews Trapped in Islamic Countries 1948-1951 Lesson 5   The restoration of the State of Israel in May, 1948 immediately [...]

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Ezekiel Prophecy Gog Israel Attack Nearing Fulfillment

EZEKIEL PROPHECY GOG ISRAEL ATTACK AND INVASION IS NEARING FULFILLMENT Ezekiel prophecy Gog Israel attack in the latter days is nearing fulfillment today as Erdogan of Turkey moves troops into Syria along with Iran (Persia).  Erdogan may be Gog.  Ezekiel saw this 2600 years ago.  This is a sure sign Jesus is returning soon.  Now is [...]

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