JESUS SAVES HAGAR AND ISHMAEL. “YOU ARE THE GOD WHO SEES ME”. Jesus saves Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 16 and 21.  Many people, both Christians and Muslims, do not know that it was Jesus who appeared to Hagar and Ishmael.  Hagar called the angel “God.” Since Jesus is God, it had to be Jesus saved [...]

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DANIEL PROPHECY FULFILLED AGAIN TODAY. NEW ISIS LEADER FROM QURAISH TRIBE DANIEL SAW IN PROPHECY. ABU IBRAHIM AL-HASHIMI AL-QURASHI. Daniel prophecy fulfilled again today when ISIS has named its new leader following the death of former caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The terrorist group announced that he had been replaced by Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi. The new [...]

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Zakir Naik Teaches Holy Spirit Blasphemy

THE BIBLE WARNS AGAINST HOLY SPIRIT BLASPHEMY;  ZAKIR NAIK PERSUADES A CHRISTIAN TO TAKE THE MARK–THE SHAHADA The Bible is the Word of God, is without error, and tells us of God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.  In the Bible, Jesus warns us of false teaching and the false Islamic prophet. Jesus warned to never [...]

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Mohammad Signs Deceive Many and Is False Prophet

Mohammad Signs Deceive Many Jesus warned us a False Prophet would have signs and a message that deceives many.  In Revelation 13:11-14 the second beast (the False Prophet) persuades people to worship the first beast by performing miraculous signs. He is a wonder worker. The Greek indicates that he repeatedly performs these signs and wonders so [...]

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The False Prophet Takes Over a Church

The False Prophet Mohammad Looks Like a Lamb, But Speaks Like a Dragon Why Do Churches Become Mosques? Watch out for the teachings from the False Prophet. In Revelation Jesus warned about the False Prophet.  This was Mohammad.  Today we see Christian churches conducing joint Islamic services with Islamic readings, including readings from the Koran that [...]

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Jesus Did Not Say in the Bible Mohammad Follows Him

Is Mohammad in the Bible? Did Jesus promise Mohammd would follow?  No Jesus did not say this.  Christians need to share the truth of the Gospel with Muslims.  Many Christians are surprised when Muslims say Mohammad is in the Bible; thus, what Mohammad taught about Jesus must be true.  Christians need to be aware of some [...]

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