Iran Nuclear War With Israel

Nuclear Talks in Vienna Fail Iran Will Have a Nuclear Bomb Iran Nuclear War With Israel--Is this the Gog War? The "Strong Bulls of Bashan" that Encircled Jesus Christ Will Be Destroyed Iran nuclear war with Israel may be very soon.  Israel on Thursday urged world powers to halt nuclear talks with Iran immediately, citing a U.N. watchdog's announcement [...]

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Stonehenge Prayer Faces Mecca

Jesus Reveals Why Stonehenge Prayer Faces Mecca The Druid Prayers Show the Beast "Gathers to Himself All the Nations" The True God Is Always Everywhere--Not in Just in Mecca Stonehenge Prayer Faces Mecca.  So do all the stones circles of England and Ireland, as well as Brittney France.  Jesus tells us the demonic world has a great [...]

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Giza Pyramids Face Mecca

Jesus Reveals Why Thousands of Temples Face Mecca The Giza Pyramids Show the Beast "Gathers to Himself All the Nations" The True God Is Always Everywhere--Not in Just in Mecca Giza pyramids face Mecca.  So does the Osiris Temple at Luxor Egypt.  Jesus tells us the demonic world has a great city, in the desert wilderness on [...]

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God Sends a Red Warning Cloud of Fire and Darkness! All in Mecca Fear the Warning Cloud. Jesus Wants All to Be Saved. Why did God send a warning cloud to Mecca?   Is the antichrist a person or spirit?  No human could challenge Jesus Christ, the Son of God!  No, the antichrist is not a person, [...]

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Jesus Gives Simple Revelation Message in Two Verses. The Simple Revelation Message Warning Jesus Gives Is about the Qur'an. To understand Revelation--read the last chapter (22) first.  Just two verses (22:18 and 22:19) are the keys.  First, Jesus tells us words will be added--specific words that bring the Revelation plagues.  What plagues?  Plagues for worshiping the [...]

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Bible Prophecy Is Jesus Christ. The Bible Is Infallible about Jesus Christ. False Prophets Twist Prophecy for Their Own Ends. Bible prophecy is Jesus Christ, not about politicians or American elections.  Many Christians were told the 2020 American presidential election was given in Bible prophecy.  Bible prophecy is not about America nor the American president.  Bible [...]

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Jesus Christ Saves Elamites Today. Jeremiah Prophecy Foretold Elam's Salvation in the Last Days. Muslims Being Saved Is More Proof of the Last Days. We can see living proof that Jesus Christ saves Elamites today.  If you are a Muslim Elamite from Iran, know that your salvation was seen by the prophet Jeremiah some 2600 years [...]

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Jesus Gives Seven Last Days Signs. Jesus Last Days Signs Are Here Now! Jesus gives seven last days signs.  We can see the seven last days signs in the world today! In the Bible, Jesus gives seven sure signs to identify the last days.  This means we live in the last days. Worship Jesus Christ while [...]

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Jesus Gives Living Water Not Bitter Water. Islam Gives only Bitter Water. Many People Died from the Waters that Had Become Bitter. Jesus gives living water not bitter water.  The Qur'an gives only bitter water to one third of the world.  Islam's bitter water kills many.  The bitter water is the false doctrine about Jesus in [...]

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Erdogan Fears Jesus Christ Image.  He hides Jesus Christ Images as He Converts the Hagia Sophia Church into a Mosque. Erdogan fears Jesus Christ image.  How do we know that?  Fearing the image of Jesus Christ, Erdogan ordered the images of Jesus covered inside the Hagia Sophia church during Islamic prayer directed to the image of [...]

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