Seeing Jesus in the Passover Meal

Seeing Jesus in the Passover Meal Jesus is the Fulfillment of the Passover Promise Seeing Jesus in the Passover meal.  It is Passover this week.  We also remember the bitter suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Most important, we celebrate his resurrection. Some people know that Jesus celebrated the Passover, but many people do not know that [...]

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Jesus Gives 343 Warnings About Islam

Jesus Gives 343 Warnings about Islam Listen to Warnings from Jesus Jesus gives 343 warnings about Islam.  Jesus has revealed the true meaning of hundreds of hidden Daniel and Revelation prophecies.  Many books and movies have been written and produced about the end times.  But most have little, if any, prophetic fulfillment.  They are from man’s [...]

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The Astonishing Prophecies Of Jesus Christ

REJOICE AT THE ASTONISHING PROPHECIES OF JESUS CHRIST! SIMPLY ASTONISHING PROPHECIES YOU CAN TRUST THE WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST The astonishing prophecies of Jesus Christ are fulfilled.  Do you really appreciate the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ? Do you know how special it really is? Forget the commercial side of Christmas. Prophecy can be thought of [...]

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My Visions of Jesus Reveal the Truth about Islam

Visions of Jesus Reveal the Truth Jesus Wants all Muslims to Be Saved Visions from Jesus Reveal the truth of Islam.  Jesus has an important message for the world. Jesus has appeared in remarkable visions to me, revealing important truths of the last days. In one vision Jesus appeared as the only living tree, the glorious [...]

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JESUS OPEN DOOR PROMISE. Jesus open door promise no one can shut has been kept to the Philadelphia Church for 1,925 years now. Jesus open door promise no one can shut!   Most Bible commentators incorrectly teach that all seven churches of Revelation have disappeared.   This is not true.  One Revelation church, the church body at Philadelphia, [...]

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Jesus Warning Mohammad False Prophet Is Fulfilled

JESUS WARNING MOHAMMAD IS THE FALSE PROPHET OF REVELATION IS FULFILLED Jesus gave a warning about Mohammad the False Prophet in the Book of Revelation, and the words of Jesus are fulfilled. Nearly 600 years after Jesus said this Mohammad fulfilled all of the warnings from Jesus. If you are Muslim, we want you to know the [...]

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Biblical Prophecy Islam Warning from Jesus

BIBLICAL PROPHECY ISLAM WARNING FROM JESUS IS NOW FULFILLED Biblical prophecy Islam warning from Jesus is now complete.  The "great city" of Revelation is Mecca. In the Book of Revelation Jesus gave detailed warnings about the coming of Islam. This video explains how much of Revelation prophecy is to warn us about Islam. It explains the [...]

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