Jesus Gives Living Water Not Bitter Water. Islam Gives only Bitter Water. Many People Died from the Waters that Had Become Bitter. Jesus gives living water not bitter water.  The Qur'an gives only bitter water to one third of the world.  Islam's bitter water kills many.  The bitter water is the false doctrine about Jesus in [...]

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Erdogan Fears Jesus Christ Image.  He hides Jesus Christ Images as He Converts the Hagia Sophia Church into a Mosque. Erdogan fears Jesus Christ image.  How do we know that?  Fearing the image of Jesus Christ, Erdogan ordered the images of Jesus covered inside the Hagia Sophia church during Islamic prayer directed to the image of [...]

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JESUS PROMISE OF AN OPEN DOOR TO THE PHILADELPHIA CHURCH. PROMISE KEPT FOR 1925 YEARS! BELIEVE EVERY WORD FROM JESUS-HE SAVED THEM FROM ISLAM. Jesus promise is an open door no one can shut!   Most Bible commentators incorrectly teach that all seven churches of Revelation have disappeared.   This is not true.  One Revelation church, the church [...]

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Jesus God Monotheism Christian Truth

JESUS IS GOD.  MONOTHEISM IS CHRISTIAN TRUTH FROM THE BIBLE. Jesus God Monotheism Christian Truth!!  You need to know that Jesus is God and Monotheism is Christian truth.  This is the true God.  There is no other. It will surprise many people, including most all Muslims, but the only true monotheistic faith (" belief in one [...]

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Apocalypse Horsemen Islam Prophecy in the Bible

Four Horsemen Revelation Prophecy Completely Fulfilled Apocalypse horsemen Islam prophecy is in the Bible.  It is Revelation chapter six.  Their colors of white, red, black and pale green are the universal colors of Islam.  All this has come to pass.  exactly as Jesus told us! Learn the truth of Jesus in the Bible.  There is no [...]

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Zakir Naik Teaches Holy Spirit Blasphemy

THE BIBLE WARNS AGAINST HOLY SPIRIT BLASPHEMY;  ZAKIR NAIK PERSUADES A CHRISTIAN TO TAKE THE MARK–THE SHAHADA The Bible is the Word of God, is without error, and tells us of God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.  In the Bible, Jesus warns us of false teaching and the false Islamic prophet. Jesus warned to never [...]

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Revelation Prophecy Kaaba Speaks Is the Blackstone

Mohammad Said the Kaaba Blackstone Image Will Speak Just as Jesus Said Revelation prophecy Kaaba speaks is the Blackstone in Mecca. Mohammad said this.  Listen to the words of Jesus–the Son of God. Mohammad placed the Blackstone in the Kaaba. Mohammad said it would speak. Islamic tradition gives a detailed account of how Mohammad did this. [...]

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On Easter Sunday Turkey Votes a Step Closer to Creating Gog

What Does the Referendum in Turkey Have to Do with Ezekiel’s War? It is no coincidence that on Easter Sunday April 16, 2017, Turks will head to the ballot box in a major referendum on replacing the current parliamentary system with an executive presidency.  They are creating Gog.  Turks are voting to end democracy and put [...]

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Daniel Prophecy Matches Umar Caliph of Islam

Daniel prophecy matches Umar the caliph following Abu Bakr after Mohammad the False Prophet. The Bible gives 31 accurate prophecies about a future Islamic king in Daniel 11: 36-45.  Many believe this person is the future Antichrist, but it is not.  Umar the second Islamic caliph fulfilled all 31 prophecies of Daniel–exactly! The video on Umar and [...]

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