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We now understand that much of Revelation Bible prophecies have been fulfilled. “Revelation-Now” provides a full array of resources regarding the book of Revelation, prophecies, the last days, and more. You can also find more at our YouTube channel and Facebook Page. The Book of Revelation is a strong warning from Jesus about false Islamic teaching that would later come into the world. Much of the book of Revelation prophecies are fulfilled. Revelation is the final book of the Bible and tells what would come after the Apostles. Much more Bible prophecy is fulfilled than most Christians know today. You can trust the words of Jesus.

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Revelation-Now helps you learn the truth of Jesus. All materials on this website are available for free of charge and may be used to spread God’s truth and Scripture.

Muslims Need the Truth of Jesus

July 7th, 2019|Comments Off on Muslims Need the Truth of Jesus

Muslims Need the Truth of Jesus--the Gospel of Jesus. Allah or Jesus; who is the True God?  If you are a Muslim or have a Muslim friend, please watch this message. [...]

Jesus Warns Us to Flee Islam’s Great City Mecca

July 7th, 2019|Comments Off on Jesus Warns Us to Flee Islam’s Great City Mecca

JESUS WARNS FLEE MECCA Jesus Warns Everyone to Flee from Mecca-the City Riding the Islamic Beast of Revelation Lesson 16 In the Bible, Jesus warns us that a great city [...]

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Our Muslim friends need to know Revelation Bible prophecy is a warning about their beloved Prophet Mohammad – actually the False Prophet of Revelation. The writings of the New Testament are the inspired Word of God and are complete. No additional Word was needed. The Qur’an is not from the true God because it gives a false story about Jesus. Do not follow the False Prophet. The Book of Revelation helps you learn the truth of Jesus. Jesus is God and is the only path to heaven. Jesus is returning soon.

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My Personal Testimony

I am giving you my personal testimony to show you that God is real and deserving of our worship and praise. I did not earn or deserve any special treatment. But God reached out to save me. Some years ago two angels saved me out of the ocean. In the past year I have been visited by the Holy Spirit in dreams more than ten times. After a woman left Islam and accepted Christ I stood in the heavenly Jerusalem with thousands of angels praising God. I have also seen the Lion of Judah. I have been given a clear message to tell you. Jesus is really the Son of God and He is returning soon. This is Revelation Bible prophecy. The way to Heaven is narrow and anyone who denies Jesus is God will not enter Heaven.

Below you can download An introduction to Bible prophecy about Islam, and The Gospel of John in English and Arabic.

Intro to Bible Prophecy
Book of John in Arabic