Ezekiel Prophecy Gog Israel Attack Nearing Fulfillment

EZEKIEL PROPHECY GOG ISRAEL ATTACK AND INVASION IS NEARING FULFILLMENT Ezekiel prophecy Gog Israel attack in the latter days is nearing fulfillment today as Erdogan of Turkey moves troops into Syria along with Iran (Persia).  Erdogan may be Gog.  Ezekiel saw this 2600 years ago.  This is a sure sign Jesus is returning soon.  Now is [...]

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Olivet Discourse Israel Holocaust Jesus Prophecy

OLIVET DISCOURSE ISRAEL HOLOCAUST TIME OF TROUBLE FOR JACOB IS FULFILLED TODAY Olivet discourse Israel Holocaust trouble for Jacob is fulfilled today. When Jesus was on the Mount of Olives, shortly before his crucifixion and resurrection in 33 AD, he spoke about the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, and also the tribulation, the last [...]

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Revelation Two Witnesses Prophecy Is Fulfilled

REVELATION TWO WITNESSES PROPHECY FULFILLED Revelation Two Witnesses Prophecy was fulfilled with Operation Ezra and Nehemiah.  Operation Ezra Nehemiah saved one million Jews that were trapped in Islamic countries after Israel was reborn in 1948. Liberating Jews Trapped in Islamic Countries 1948-1951 Lesson 5   The restoration of the State of Israel in May, 1948 immediately [...]

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Ten Nation Babylon Empire Reforming Around Israel

Ten Nation Babylon Empire Is Reforming Today Ten nation Babylon empire reforming around Israel today.  Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran are reforming the Babylon and Persian Islamic Empire.  This is a sure sign Jesus is returning soon. Jesus is the only path to heaven.  Every other way will fail. No one knows the day, but Jesus [...]

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