The Bible is the Word of God, is without error, and tells us of God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.  In the Bible, Jesus warns us of false teaching and the false Islamic prophet. Jesus warned to never commit Holy Spirit blasphemy.  By denying the Holy Spirit is God, it is blasphemy.

Listen to the words of Jesus!  Jesus is the only way and He is returning soon.

We can use the Bible to understand prophecy warnings about Islam. We can see what Jesus warned us about in a Zakir Naik video.

We can see Naik in the video blaspheming the Holy Spirit, denying Jesus is the Son of God, and a Christian woman saying the Shahada as she converts to Islam. The Shahada is the mark we are warned about.

Zakir Naik is an Indian Islamic preacher, and the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).  He is also the founder of the Peace TV channel through which he reaches 200 million viewers.

Pray that Naik repents and accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Before becoming a public speaker, he trained as a physician.  Sadly, Naik has caused many tens of thousands of people to lose their eternal salvation through his Islamic false teaching.

The true answers from the Bible are here–they refute what Naik says completely:

Zakir Naik makes many blasphemous and incorrect statements in this video.  He is deceiving Christians and Muslims so that they do not understand the truth of the Bible.  Naik causes their souls to be lost.  Christians must tell the truth of the Bible by using Bible Scriptures.  The Bible truth is more than sufficient to correct every lie from Naik.  Nothing else is needed but Bible Scriptures.  Jesus is sufficient.

The false or blasphemous statements are listed below.  The Bible proves Naik is lying.

  1. The Allah of the Koran is the “Alpha and the Omega”
  2. Naik says the Holy Spirit was the Islamic “Angel Gabriel” that gave the Koran to Mohammad
  3. Naik blasphemes the Holy Spirit by not glorifying it as God
  4. Naik says concept of the Trinity is not in the Bible
  5. Naik does not say that the angel of darkness (Satan) gave the Koran to Mohammad
  6. Naik says 1 John 5:7-8 is not in the Bible
  7. Naik says the Koran is the “third edition” of the Bible, and the final edition
  8. Naik says Jesus is just a prophet and not the Son of God
  9. Naik says Mohammad is the “final prophet” (this, of course, makes Mohammad the False Prophet since none follow him)
  10. Naik says those that say the Shahada will enter paradise (in reality, anyone that takes the mark, the Shahada and deny Christ, will be cast out on the Day of Judgment by Jesus)


Watch out for the teachings from the False Prophet.

The Mark and Image video is here:

The False Prophet video is here:

Much more prophecy has been fulfilled than most people understand.  Our job is not to focus too much on fulfilled prophecy–but rather tell as many people about the Gospel–while we still have time.

A summary of what has happened since World War II is listed here:

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Keep praying for the Holy Spirit to allow Muslims and Jewish people to learn the truth of Jesus while they still have some time.

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