Islamic Takeover of Germany

Islamic Takeover of Germany Children Pray to Baal in the Image Many Souls are Lost Due to the fact that most Germans are non-believing atheists, Islam has taken over as the dominant active religion in Germany. Muslims now number more than 6 million, or about 8% of the population.  Active Christians number less than half of [...]

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The False Prophet Takes Over a Church

The False Prophet Mohammad Looks Like a Lamb, But Speaks Like a Dragon Why Do Churches Become Mosques? Watch out for the teachings from the False Prophet. In Revelation Jesus warned about the False Prophet.  This was Mohammad.  Today we see Christian churches conducing joint Islamic services with Islamic readings, including readings from the Koran that [...]

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Islamic Invasion Temple Mount

ISLAMIC INVASION TEMPLE MOUNT SOON AS IRAN PRACTICES TEMPLE MOUNT ATTACK Thousands of paramilitary forces from Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards held war games simulating the capture of the Temple Mount from Israeli control, the Iranian Tasnim media reported. The reports said the Islamic forces stormed and liberated a replica of the Dome of the Rock [...]

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Gospel from Apostle Paul Was Rejected in Arabia

Paul Went to Arabia to Give the Gospel to Gentiles Arabia Rejected Gospel from Paul The Truth Was Rejected and instead replaced with Islam The Bible does not tell us much about Paul's time in Arabia.  He went to Arabia for two to three years shortly after his miraculous conversion when Jesus Christ appeared to him. [...]

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Jesus Prophecy Islam Warnings Given in the Bible

Jesus prophecy Islam warnings are given throughout the Bible.  The Book of Revelation is a detailed warning about Islam.  Listen to Jesus. Jesus is truth. There is no path to heaven but through Jesus. Welcome!  Our website is now running to spread the end times Gospel message to Christians and Muslims. The website is designed [...]

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