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Revelation is a warning from Jesus about false Islamic teaching. Do not follow the False Prophet. Revelation-Now helps you learn the truth of Jesus. The blog has many articles about Islam, Jesus, end times, and Bible prophecy.

An introduction to Bible prophecy about Islam


JESUS PROMISE OF AN OPEN DOOR TO THE PHILADELPHIA CHURCH PROMISE KEPT FOR 1925 YEARS BELIEVE EVERY WORD FROM JESUS-HE SAVED THEM FROM ISLAM Jesus promise is an open door no one can shut!   Most Bible commentators incorrectly teach that all seven churches of Revelation have disappeared.   This is not true.  One Revelation church, the church at Philadelphia, is still going strong today.  It is [...]

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BAAL MOON OVER IRAN IS A SIGN GOD WARNS AGAINST BAAL WORSHIP IN THE KAABA Baal moon Iran Jesus warning should be seen as very important.  The Baal moon appeared over Iran on December 26, 2019.  The crescent moon of Islam is the symbol of Baal.  The beast is Baal.   Zephaniah says Baal is worshipped until the very last day when Jesus returns.  Do not [...]

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Quds Jerusalem Ezekiel Prophecy War in the Bible Iran General Qassem Soleimani Death is Part of Ezekiel Prophecy Soon Everyone Will Know Jesus Is God The Quds Jerusalem Ezekiel Prophecy is given in Ezekiel 38-39.  Persia (Iran) will be one of the key nations to try to invade Israel, along with Gog from Turkey.  The Quds Jerusalem Force was commanded by Iran General Qassem Soleimani [...]

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Jesus God Monotheism Christian Truth

JESUS IS GOD.  MONOTHEISM IS CHRISTIAN TRUTH FROM THE BIBLE. Jesus God Monotheism Christian Truth!!  You need to know that Jesus is God and Monotheism is Christian truth.  This is the true God.  There is no other. It will surprise many people, including most all Muslims, but the only true monotheistic faith (" belief in one true God") is Christianity.  Jesus said this.  The Bible [...]

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Revelation Woman Defeats Islam

THE REVELATION WOMAN DEFEATS ISLAM AND STANDS WITH THE ISLAMIC MOON UNDER HER FEET THE GOSPEL OF JESUS DEFEATS THE QUR'AN Why is the Woman of Revelation Standing with the Moon Under Her Feet?  Jesus Defeats the Dragon and the Beast--Their Symbol is the Moon Revelation 12:1 (NIV) A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her [...]

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ISLAM FRIDAY PRAYER JESUS CRUCIFIED-IS THERE A CONNECTION FOR FRIDAY MOSQUE SERVICES? CHRISTIANS WORSHIP ON SUNDAY MORNING-THE TIME OF THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS Islam must worship as a congregation and pray to the false god at the same time Jesus was crucified.  Islam Friday prayer Jesus crucified at the Friday mosque service cannot be a coincidence. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday.  Jesus [...]

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