Muslims Need the Truth of Jesus–the Gospel of Jesus.

Allah or Jesus; who is the True God?  If you are a Muslim or have a Muslim friend, please watch this message. Muslims need the truth of Jesus.  The Dead Sea Scroll Isaiah text allows a Muslim to read the Gospel message about Jesus in a pure and uncorrupted form. This lets them see the truth about God.  Jesus is returning soon!

Lesson 1


Jesus Fulfilled 351 Old Testament Prophecies

Jesus is God, was crucified, died, rose to life and is glorified

Muslims need the truth of Jesus.  This truth is that the Gospel of Jesus is true and not corrupted. Jesus is not a messenger, but really the Son of God. He was raised from the dead and there is no path to heaven but through Jesus. All Muslims need to know the truth of Jesus.


Today nearly half of all Christians believe Muslims and Christians worship the same God. This is a deception. When you study the teachings in the Qur’an you see that they are in total conflict with the Bible. The Bible is true and the final revelation from God. No new edition was needed.

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