Jesus Warns Everyone to Flee from Mecca-the City Riding the Islamic Beast of Revelation

Lesson 16

In the Bible, Jesus warns us that a great city will attract people from all nations to worship a false god.  Jesus also describes the great city as being like a prostitute woman.  Jesus says the great city sits on seven mountains, rules over the kings of the earth, rides the beast to gain great wealth and fame, has much gold, is full of all types of demons, and benefits from sea trade.

Jesus said to come out of the great city because it will be destroyed by fire in one hour.  Jesus said once the great city is destroyed it will never be seen again.  All the prophecies given by Jesus about the great city are now fulfilled, other than the great city’s coming sudden destruction.

We now know the name of the great city.  This great city is not Rome, Jerusalem, nor New York City.  None of these cities fit all the prophetic words of Jesus.  There is one city that fulfills all the words of Jesus.  The great city is Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The Jesus Warns Flee Mecca article is here:

Mecca is the most important site in Islam.  That the great city is Mecca will surprise many people and frighten our Muslim friends.  But you should listen to Jesus.  The words of Jesus are always true and everlasting. Baal dwells in the Kaaba and receives all Islamic prayer.  Baal is not God.  Jesus is God.  Jesus warns flee Mecca.  Listen to Jesus!

Photo & video credits: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Reuters, Israel Photo Collection, Israel Government National Photo Collection, Jewish Agency for Israel Photo Collection.