Four Horsemen Revelation apocalypse prophecy given by Jesus is exactly fulfilled by the first four Islamic leaders. These were Mohammad on the white horse, Abu Bakr on the red horse, Umar on the black horse, and Uthman on the pale green horse.

Lesson 11

In Revelation Chapter 6, Jesus warns us about Four Horsemen that fight the truth of Jesus.  They ride horses of different colors, with the first horse white, the second red, the third black, and the fourth pale green.



The Bible is true.  We can prove this to you in many ways.  Today we know that the most important pillars of Islam were given as warnings in the Bible as a mark and image many hundreds of years before they came into use for Islamic worship.  We know the Four Horsemen were the first four Islamic leaders. These warnings are about worship to a false god instead of Jesus.

Because they are first given in the Bible, the Bible must be true.

Four horsemen Revelation Apocalypse article is here:

Because of these and many other differences, it is not possible for the Bible and the Islamic Koran to both be true.  One book is true and the other is false.  Only the Bible is true.

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