Jesus Did Not Say in the Bible Mohammad Follows Him

Is Mohammad in the Bible? Did Jesus promise Mohammd would follow?  No Jesus did not say this.  Christians need to share the truth of the Gospel with Muslims.  Many Christians are surprised when Muslims say Mohammad is in the Bible; thus, what Mohammad taught about Jesus must be true.  Christians need to be aware of some [...]

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Jesus Eternal Existence Truth from the Bible

Jesus Is Eternal, The Alpha and the Omega Jesus eternal existence truth is clearly proved in the Bible many times.  Muslim scholars, Jehovah Witnesses and some liberal theologians try to make the case that Jesus was “begotten.”  By this they mean Jesus was created and not eternal.  If Jesus was created, he cannot be God.  If [...]

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Jesus Prophecy Islam Warnings Given in the Bible

Jesus prophecy Islam warnings are given throughout the Bible.  The Book of Revelation is a detailed warning about Islam.  Listen to Jesus. Jesus is truth. There is no path to heaven but through Jesus. Welcome!  Our website is now running to spread the end times Gospel message to Christians and Muslims. The website is designed [...]

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