Biblical Prophecy Islam Warning Given to Many (Lesson 2)

In the Book of Revelation Jesus gave detailed warnings about the coming of Islam.  This video explains how much of Revelation prophecy is to warn us about Islam. It explains the three Islamic woes, the mark of the beast, the false prophet and the image of the beast.

Article on the Beast of Revelation is here:

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Islam is the false religion Jesus warned John about in Revelation. Before Christ returns the Bible tells us in the books of Daniel, Revelation and Ezekiel, two important events must first occur.  The first event is a worldwide beast-like false religion that has a false prophet (Rev 20:10), deceives the world (Rev 13:14), claims to be peaceful-but not (Rev 13:11), sends the “dark smoke” of false doctrine (Rev 9:1-3), has a distinctive mark (Rev 13:16), sets up an image to honor it (Rev 13:14) and a great city on 7 mountains that rules over the kings of the earth (Rev 17:9,18).  This religious system has such power no one or government can oppose it (Daniel 7:23-25).

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