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Erdogan Gog Ezekiel Prophecy Progressing

Erdogan Gog Ezekiel prophecy progressing into reality as the Islamic strong man terrorizes Turkey after the recent failed military coup attempt. The Gog video is here: In just the past week Erdogan has done the following: • fired 20,000 teachers • placed 20,000 “plotters” in prison • jailed 115 generals and admirals • placed 15,000 soldiers in prison • fired 3,000 [...]

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The Final Two Wars for Israel Led by Gog

Understanding “Gog 1” and “Gog 2” Wars in Israel. In the end times there are two final wars in Israel that are often confused for the same conflict–but are most likely different.  They can be thought of more as an ongoing process.  Much like World War II was a continuation of unresolved issues left over from [...]

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