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Revelation Hail Symbolizes Angels

Revelation Hail Symbolizes Angels–both Good and Bad Hail is distinctively and prominently mentioned three times in Revelation.  This is best explained as angels, both bad and good, returning to earth.  Hail is first described as mixed with fire and blood in Revelation 8, and the final description of hail in Revelation is described as huge in size and [...]

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Ten Nation Babylon Empire Reforming Around Israel

Ten Nation Babylon Empire Is Reforming Today Ten nation Babylon empire reforming around Israel today.  Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran are reforming the Babylon and Persian Islamic Empire.  This is a sure sign Jesus is returning soon. Jesus is the only path to heaven.  Every other way will fail. No one knows the day, but Jesus [...]

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Jesus Prophecy Islam Warnings Given in the Bible

Jesus prophecy Islam warnings are given throughout the Bible.  The Book of Revelation is a detailed warning about Islam.  Listen to Jesus. Jesus is truth. There is no path to heaven but through Jesus. Welcome!  Our website is now running to spread the end times Gospel message to Christians and Muslims. The website is designed [...]

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