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Daniel Prophecy Matches Umar Caliph of Islam

Daniel prophecy matches Umar the caliph following Abu Bakr after Mohammad the False Prophet. The Bible gives 31 accurate prophecies about a future Islamic king in Daniel 11: 36-45.  Many believe this person is the future Antichrist, but it is not.  Umar the second Islamic caliph fulfilled all 31 prophecies of Daniel–exactly! The video on Umar and [...]

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Islamic Terrorism Denies Jesus Is the Son of God

Islamic Terrorism Denies Jesus is the Son of God When You Understand Tawhid, You Understand the World Today Islamic terrorism denies Jesus is the Son of God.  In Islam, the doctrine of “Tawhid” fights for the oneness of Allah and against Jesus the true God.  Learn the truth of Jesus.  Jesus is returning soon. The first [...]

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Islamic Terrorism Opposes Jesus as God

Islamic Terrorism Opposes Jesus as Son of God Christians understand Islamic terrorism opposes Jesus as the Son of God.  Muslims respect Jesus as a prophet, but some fight to remove Him as the Son of God. The Koran says Jesus is just a messenger, while the Bible repeatedly tells us Jesus is God. There is no [...]

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Jesus Truth Answers Islam Doctrine of False Teaching

Jesus truth answers Islam doctrine of false teaching from the Koran. Jesus is love, is God and the only path to heaven.  Learn the truth of Jesus while there is still time. Most Muslims are not like ISIS and are not terrorists. But all have been given a false story about the real Jesus. Gospel of [...]

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Ezekiel Prophecy Islamic Invasion is Near

The Fractured Islamic Lands The New York Times Magazine has a very sober article (Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart) on the terrible mess today in the Islamic countries surrounding Israel.  It is worth reading all of it.  As you might expect the New York Times does not have a good explanation as to [...]

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Erdogan Gog Ezekiel Prophecy Progressing

Erdogan Gog Ezekiel prophecy progressing into reality as the Islamic strong man terrorizes Turkey after the recent failed military coup attempt. The Gog video is here: In just the past week Erdogan has done the following: • fired 20,000 teachers • placed 20,000 “plotters” in prison • jailed 115 generals and admirals • placed 15,000 soldiers in prison • fired 3,000 [...]

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The Final Two Wars for Israel Led by Gog

Understanding “Gog 1” and “Gog 2” Wars in Israel. In the end times there are two final wars in Israel that are often confused for the same conflict–but are most likely different.  They can be thought of more as an ongoing process.  Much like World War II was a continuation of unresolved issues left over from [...]

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The Many Islamic Wars Today

Islam is busy reforming itself into the Babylon-Persian Kingdom with wars!! Islam is busy reforming itself into the Babylon-Persian Kingdom.  It is doing this with the sword, despite being mistakenly called by westerners as “the Religion of Peace.”  The Islamic winners will be dominated by Shia Islam. The UN Report on Displaced Persons shows startling facts.  [...]

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Beast Image Kaaba Cloth Erdogan Displays at Funeral

Erdogan of Turkey Brings Kaaba Cloth Image of the Beast Cloth Displayed at Muhammad Ali’s Funeral Beast image Kaaba cloth Erdogan displayed at a funeral for Muhammad Ali.  Jesus warned us about the beast and a False Prophet.  Listen to Jesus.  Baal was placed in the Abyss by God (Isaiah 14 and Jeremiah 51).  The False [...]

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Revelation Hail Symbolizes Angels

Revelation Hail Symbolizes Angels–both Good and Bad Hail is distinctively and prominently mentioned three times in Revelation.  This is best explained as angels, both bad and good, returning to earth.  Hail is first described as mixed with fire and blood in Revelation 8, and the final description of hail in Revelation is described as huge in size and [...]

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